Price Hikes For Yahoo Music

Earlier this week, someone asked me what’s up with Yahoo Music, and their Music Match service. Since, Yahoo is not my preferred source of digital music, I admit, I completely forgot about them, and the fact that they had paid $160 million for Music Match back in September 2004. The last update we had was from August 2006 when some rebranding happened, but that doesn’t really tell us how the service is doing. (MusicMatch’s Alexa graph is horrifying, but that’s neither here or there.) We updated the post and have a slide after the turn which paints a pretty good picture actually.)
As luck would have it, Andrew Schmitt wrote a blog post based on a chat with some tech support person that indicated that Yahoo Music was going to be shut down. That was not the case, once we checked with Yahoo, though it was late in the day on Friday. Nevertheless, all that poking around led me to this blog post that reveals that Yahoo Music is about to raise its prices… again.

On November 14, 2006, the cost of a new Yahoo! Music Unlimited subscription will increase from $6.99 to $8.99 per month. Despite this price increase, Yahoo! Music Unlimited will still offer the lowest price of any major subscription music service — now with a catalog of more than 2 million songs!

The good news is that if you sign up now, you can continue to pay $4.99 a month, or about $60 a year. Of course, the service is not available for Mac users. It would be great to get a subscription service for Mac, independent of Apple, just because these days many of the albums/songs that are showing up are not worth spending money on. Okay, I take it back – Husky Rescue’s recent single is worth the price, so is Natalie Walker’s Quicksand.

PS: Anyone have data on what company has what percentage of the digital music subscription market in the US and world wide?


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