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Those OnTheRun Tablet guys are back with show #30 and if you are interested in Vista then you better pay attention.  Marc Orchant and James Kendrick catch up on where they have been since the last show and talk Tablets for almost an hour.  If you want to win a Motion LS800 then listen up and we’ll tell you how.  We can’t wait to see the next Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet PC and all the display options.  Which would JK choose- MultiTouch display or hi-res display?  Marc has been bopping around conferences all over the place and fills us in on how fruitful the Tablet PC spotting is going.  When Marc has some free time he’s been using the New York TImes Reader on his Tablet PC, find out what he thinks about it.  James attended the Mobius event in Boston and guess how many Tablet PCs were in attendance?  Speaking of Mobius Matt Miller installs Vista on a MacBook Pro.  What do the Tablet guys think of Windows Vista RC2?  It might surprise you.  Kevin Tofel has Vista running on the Samsung Q1and loves it.  Check out Marc’s Expert Zone Chat this week!

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Special thanks to Tiedye Keith for the great song "Vulnerable" with vocals by Tony Lindsay of Santana.



Andy, I use the Portable Power Station and am extremely happy with it. It’s a 10 – 18 hour battery and it does deliver that.

Andy Leininger

Hey James:

In one of your recent podcasts you talked about your external battery from BatteryGeek. I have checked out the website but don’t know which one you have of their many options. Can you give me some insight on what is what with the products they provide. I am impressed with their stuff.


Carlos Lopez

Hey guys!!!

Thank you for the promise of a weekly show, as I’ll be always a listener, I’m sure other people are waiting for the show # 31 and of course show #100 :)

You are doing a great job!!!

One question Mark, I subscribe to Foldera 2 months ago, I didn’t received an answer from them. I didn’t want to disturb ypou before, but now, I’m gonna ask you if you can give me an account to try the beta version of Foldera.


a Bolivian living in Mexico for this year

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