Red looks at the Finger Mouse


Fingermouse_smallI first mentioned the USB Finger Mouse back in June because it looked like a viable option for mousing with a UMPC or other mobile PC, especially if you find yourself faced with a lack of surface area.  This is definitely one of those devices that you have to try for yourself, though, to see if it really would work for you.  Red over at TRFJ has been using one for a while and written a nice little overview about how well the Finger Mouse has worked for him and it’s worth a read.

We’ve been playing with one here at Ferret Towers for a while, and if you have a problem with trackballs or conventional rodents, then this is definitely recommended as an option. The plus points are that it’s really nicely sensitive and works brilliantly on your trouser leg (although we’ve noticed that the darker the material the better in terms of responsiveness). The other plus is that you can type with it still attached to your finger, which makes for quick and easy transitions from mousing to typing.

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