Here a flash, there a flash, everywhere a flash, flash


Fujitsu does flashFujitsu has announced plans to release notebooks with a solid state flash drive (SSD) in November.  The Fujitsu b-series and q-series will be offered with both a 16 GB SSD and 32 GB SSD option which will add approximately $650 and $1300 respectively to the notebook price.  Fujitsu is using the Samsung flash drive which is already available in S. Korea in the Samsung Q30 and the Q1 UMPC that I use every day.  Sony is offering a version of the UX Micro PC using the TDK flash drive.  This is great news as prices are sure to drop as more OEMs start producing models with these drives so they can be made in quantities.  I can tell you from personal experience, once you go flash you’ll never go back.

(Digital World Tokyo via Gizmodo)

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