Floating tip is alive!



Looks like I owe Quentin a beer at the next meet and greet! Although his suggestion for the floating tip didn’t exactly work for me, it got me thinking, and I’ve got the floating tip up and running now. It hit me to start "thinking outside the box" here, so I decided to use the "Run as Administrator" option with Floattip.exe and sure enough, we’re all good! Then again, I haven’t rebooted yet. ;)


Kevin C. Tofel

It only works if you have the Windows Vista TIP up first so it won’t work on the login screen. Once you’re logged on, bring up the TIP and then execute Floattip.exe. Unfortunately, this is the only workaround until we see Samsung update some drivers (if they even do).


i made it works as well but not on login screen…. any ideas how to start it before or to use some standard tablet feature?

Northern Rebel

Scoobie…. Right click on the floattip.exe and you’ll see the option to “run as administrator”, just click on it.

Josh Einstein

You should also voice your frustrations to Samsung. If they make the correct driver, the floattip.exe will not be necessary and the tablet components will work correctly.


What is the “run as administrator option”? As I’ve got the same problem with floating tip

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