FCC Says Broadcast Spectrum Will Open

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The FCC decided to give the go-ahead for certain low-power wireless devices to be used over some of the unused frequencies in the broadcast TV spectrum. Companies with interests in wireless like Intel have been eying this spectrum, particularly as broadcasters will switch to digital signals by 2009.

Broadcasters have been concerned that additional wireless services will cause interference, but the FCC will set the requirements for avoiding interference sometime next year and devices can only be marketed after the digital TV transition. Now the FCC has to determine if the spectrum will be unlicensed or licensed.

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I vote for unlicensed. look at the major benefits
to the open system of WiFi and it’s predacesesor HAM radio. These unlicensed spectrums are a major benefit to the end users and the “economic ecosystem” around them, instead of a few powerful and already wealthy Telcos

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