AT&T, BellSouth Regulatory Block

Earlier this week when we wondered if the AT&T, BellSouth deal was going to face some regulatory issues, we had no idea that things would get this out of control. You see, one FCC commissioner decided to recuse himself, which meant that the FCC is now squarely divided. Democrats want concessions from AT&T & BellSouth. Kevin Martin is being Kevin Martin – that is phone company’s best friend. So we have a détente.

And if that is not enough, XO and Nuvox have filed complaints against the merger. AT&T wants to do the deal and is ready to make some concessions. Whatever happens with the AT&T-BellSouth merger (a minor bump in the road is how I view it), one this is clear: FCC is not doing its job and watching out for people who actually pay FCC’s bills – the US citizens.


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