Windows Mobile Device center not playing nice with Windows Live OneCare 1.5?

Wmdc_beta_1I realize we’re mixing two beta products here, which generally provides the same result as using one alpha application, but what can I say: I’m a risk taker! I mentioned earlier today that the latest version of PDANet now supports Vista for using a phone as a modem, but Bluetooth was the best I could do. For some reason Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) just never saw my XV6700 on the Q1, so I couldn’t take advantage of PDANet’s faster USB connection. Or so I thought…

As the self-proclaimed "King of Google Search", I quickly got the lowdown on the reason why with this thread over at the OneCare forums of all places. Seems as though the Windows Live OneCare 1.5 Beta is overly protective and I had to configure the Firewall with some additional port openings. I also added two of the WMDC executables and one .dll to the OneCare Allowed programs. If you’re a risk taker too, here’s what you need to do:

Configure these ports in the OneCare Firewall settings:

  • port990: open inbound TCP
  • port999: open inbound TCP
  • port5678: open inbound TCP
  • port5679: open outbound UDP
  • port5721: open inbound TCP
  • port26675: open inbound TCP

Allow these files in OneCare:

  • C:WindowsWindowsMobilewmdc.exe
  • C:WindowsWindowsMobilewmdHost.exe
  • C:WindowsWindowsMobilewmdsyncman.dll

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