Nokia Beefs Up Mobile Search Offer With Still More Directory Providers


Convinced local mobile search will be the killer-app Nokia has expanded its mobile seach services to include local directory information for Canada, Germany and Denmark. To this end Nokia has teamed up with the companies De Gule Sider (Denmark), and DasOertliche (Germany), and Yellow Pages Group (Canada). In a press release Nokia claims its msearch services have “already seen a tremendous increase in users” across Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK, the markets where Mobile Search was initially launched. Nokia’s aim is to develop an mobile search approach for every category and search situation. To create this vertical search offer Nokia has partnered with a number of directory providers and search engine companies including Medio Systems, Yahoo and — most recently — Microsoft. Nokia’s msearch scheme caters to road warriors, putting the emphasis on local results and providing users country specific plug-ins that are available to users when they roam to that country or choose to change the phone’s country settings in the options menu. The application directs users to the right location with the aid of a digital maps (and features that include panning and zooming), where maps are available.

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