Livejournal gets SIPped


LiveJournal, one of the oldest and most popular web communities is getting a voice – thanks to Gizmo Project. With over 10 million users it seems this just might be the first big social network to add voice features. The new software, Gizmo Project for LJ Talk, is available as a free download here. We had reported about this development back in July 2006.

The software has all the usual trimmings, but what is cool (not a business word, clearly) is the icons displayed on the LiveJournal website and in the software show online presence of friends (available, away or offline). Furthermore, users can update their LiveJournal content via instant messages, or by using the software to record “voice posts” without leaving their computers, ideal for International users who wish to avoid the high cost of calling U.S.-based access numbers.


Jonathan Greene

This is a cool announcement and I hope Gizmo continues to enhance and extend what they are doing. I love VOIP and being able to maintain presence and contacr across devices and services is slick.

Just need more buddies using it or other services to enable SIP connectivity.


This is a smart move by Gizmo, and I can tell you that people using this feature on verbdate via skype love it! One of the greatest things is people who would never have spoken find themselves calling others who share interests and are like minded! Heck, some of them will never meet and perhaps this is the attraction! Hats off to the Gizmo Project for their progressive thinking!

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