Comic Creator — An Introduction To MMS

I spoke with Jeffrey Peters from Longtail Studios about one of their products, Comic Creator. Comic Creator is an application that people will be able to download from carrier decks on a subscription basis, which they can then use to create a “personalized comic” using different characters and environments on a mix-n-match basis and inserting their own text. The comics are then sent to friends via MMS, or the messaging technology of the carriers’ choice. For me, this is the most interesting part of the application: It could drive usage of MMS among the people who use it. Since the recipient of the message doesn’t need the application to view the message, it will also demonstrate MMS to people who may not normally use or receive it.
Longtail plans to keep the service fresh. “New characters and environments will be offered on a regular basis at no additional cost,” said Jeffrey. “For example, there are plans to release theme specific assets for events such as the Halloween, Thanksgiving and the December holidays.”