UMPC case at Best Buy on the cheap


Eo_caseThe complaint I hear most often from UMPC owners concerns the lack of a good carrying case that fits the small PC while offering decent protection.  The Samsung Q1 comes with a neoprene sleeve that works pretty well but offers zero protection from bumps and other accidents.  I remember mentioning on an earlier MobileTechRoundup podcast that I thought cases made for portable DVD players might work well for UMPCs and I just ran across a blog that mentions a case the author is using for his TabletKiosk eo.  He is using a Case Logic case designed for carrying CD/DVDs and finds it fits the eo perfectly and offers decent protection.  The case is sold on at Best Buy for $13, a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Denali_bagI looked around at Target the other day and found a Denali case for DVD players that looked like it would work perfectly.  The bag is padded for some mild shock proofing and had some pockets for DVDs or really small accessories.  You probably couldn’t use it all day without carrying your accessories somehow but it should work great for short trips.  This bag is $19.99, but Target had several makes and models that would probably work well too starting at $10. I was tempted but didn’t get one as I am using the Samsung Organizer which is too long to fit in these cases.

What bag are you using to carry your UMPC around?  Share it with everyone here and let’s get a good list going for reference.


Norm Benz
This is what I use for my Samsung Q1 and accessories. I can fit my samsung keyboard in here as well. Also I have a portable laptop drive I use and it fits in the small internal pocket perfect. I was looking for something that would fit everything I need to carry, Q1, keyboard , mouse, power adapter and portable drive was a bonus. The bag is small, but large enough to hold it all. I LOVE the bag and it protects everything very well too.

arnou kunz

i use a cd holder, the type that takes 2 cd’s. Fits my Q1P perfectly.

Marc Joseph

Great info JKOT! I’m trying a trackback for the first time here. I apologize if I in anyway violate the expectations of a trackback. I’ve been working on the solution of carrying a UMPC also, and wanted to connect with you and your readers. Thanks.

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