Take your UMPC outside





Grant, my handwriting is really that wobbly, unfortunately. It was exacerbated by my using the thin stylus stick that comes with the Q1 instead of a real pen-type stylus.

Grant Caley

Is your handwriting really that wobbly, or is just harder with flash being so small?

I saw one ‘in the flesh’ for the first time today and it looks really cool, but I’m worried about it being a fiddly due to the size (I’ve got a Motion LE1600 at the moment)


Stu Gisburne

Hey! How can you see the screen with all that sunshine? I have a Q1 and the sun obliviates the screen.

Anton P. Nym

To the scoffers, his handwriting is actually marginally better than mine. (All hail TIP!)

Wish I could afford a mobile data plan for my UMPC, but the best I can do right now is shell out for Wi-Fi access on the train when I travel. Greatly envious of being able to blog in the sunlight!

— Steve

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