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Sony Ericsson Up On Music & Images

Sony Ericsson has posted some pretty impressive Q3 numbers…”19.8 million handset shipments (a 43 percent, year-on-year increase), $3.7 billion in sales (a 42 percent year-on-year increase) and $374 million in net income (nearly tripling year-on-year earnings)”. Sony Ericsson started out pretty shakily — I remember when the P800 smartphone was demo’d in Australia it was very impressive, but when it finally hit the shelves a loooooong time later there were already better smartphones on the market, and for a lower price. That’s changed now, with Sony Ericsson attributing its success to its range of Cybershot cameraphones and Walkman music phones (which also saved the Walkman brand). As a result Sony Ericsson emphasises and promotes mobile content more than perhaps any other carrier. The SE earnings call will be at 7.30 am UK time.
Sony Ericssson Financial Results
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