Office 2.0, the conference & the concept

I spent much of the day at Office 2.0 conference here in San Francisco, which has attracted attendees from near and far. Earlier this morning I moderated a panel, Office 2.0: Where are we? and walked away with some valuable insights, and a conclusion – Office 2.0 as a concept of working differently is powerful, but needs refinement and has to move away from the traditional notions of what is office.

More on this later, but for now I want to get your take on all this. What do you think about this Office 2.0 thing and how do you define it?
PS: Rafe Needleman, and Dan Farber are blogging the conference and have some great stuff. Teqlo and Coghead launched today. I have written about them in the past. Jeff Nolan is now the CEO of Teqlo and he is telling his story here.


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