Flashpoint SharePlayer USB-everything device


Shareplayerweb555I received an e-mail from the the folks at FlashPoint last night and the SharePlayer USB device they introduced looks intriguing. The SharePlayer is a USB 2.0 flash drive available in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities. Only it’s not just a flash drive, it’s also an MP3 player with a built in microphone and FM tuner as well. Plus you can attach other USB devices to it as well, so it’s really a USB Swiss Army knife.

On on side is a small screen along with the MP3 controls. On the other side, you have a Power button as well as a Share and Load button. The Share button looks particularly useful as there’s a "Share" directory on the device, so sharing is essentially used for synchronizing data between the SharePlayer and another device. Pricing and availability is difficult to find on the Flashpoint site, but a bit of digging shows list prices of $246 (4GB), $190 (2 GB), and $130 (1 GB). I did see that the company is offering on-line specials of $160, $110, and $90 respectively, but availability looks to be 4 weeks out. There are more pics after the jump if you’re interested.

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