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AT&T+BellSouth=Delays Ahead?

Department of Justice rubber stamped the BellSouth-AT&T merger, without asking for any concessions, which has gotten at least two FCC commissioners worked up.

“The Justice Department has packed its bags and walked out on consumers and small businesses by refusing to impose even a single condition in the largest telecom merger the nation has ever seen,” Democratic FCC Commissioner Michael Copps complained. The FCC’s other Democrat, Jonathan Adelstein, agreed: “By failing to issue a complaint, consent decree, or condition, it appears [the Department of Justice] took a dive on one of the largest mergers in history just to avoid further court scrutiny.”

Nice to see bureaucrats steaming, but does it matter? It is only a matter of time before this deal is approved. Come on, Kevin Martin is in charge at the FCC and his track record speaks for itself. The delays will be short… one thing you can count on.

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