Will Odeo Be Twitter?


Given the recent history of Odeo, and the just announced feature upgrade to Twitter, an SMS based moblogging service, I am completely convinced that the company is going to reboot, and good for them. I do believe using SMS-text messages for informal blogging is going to become as popular as blogging has become today. It will have the spontaneity and intimacy of the blogging’s early days.

Anyway the feature upgrades by Twitter include an API (thereby making them Web 2.0 compliant) which has resulted in some “interesting” (using the word very losely here) apps like Mo.ist, Celly, Twittermap and something to do with iChat. They also added RSS feeds for public timelines, and also permalinks.

So how long before they officially rename the company? My guess is less than three months – you might have different ideas!


Chris Messina

Hey Om, get your own Tamagotchi of Web 2.0 for your desktop!

Twitter’s really awesome — and has done a great job of connecting people with people… I still like the idea of ODEO but iTunes really has that market pinned… SMS really is a brave new world and I think much more familiar to that crew.

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