SOHO Organizer

SOHO Organizer is actually SOHO Organizer + SOHO Notes + SOHO Print Essentials. Why would you name the suite the same name as one of the apps in a bundle, especially when the most important app in the bundle isn’t even that one? I also wonder how confusing that must be around the office when refering to SOHO Organizer. Naming issues aside (and I have more), this is a feature packed packed suite for sure. That being said, having this many features is not always a good thing.

SOHO Notes

It’s very hard to generalize SOHO Notes, as it has more features than I can even begin to scratch the surface of here. There are some great, so-so, terrible, and just plain confusing features in Notes. For just note taking, there aren’t many apps that will give you more options than this. But at times it really feels like overkill for just taking Notes. When you start managing more content of varying format, Notes begins to shine. SOHO Notes really is much more than a note app, as it can store just about anything.

The stickies are “interesting.” They offer a lot of options -too many, if you ask me, and they are kind of ugly. The alarm feature is quite nice, and certainly very useful. In the main window there are labels. Nothing new here, just your standard label, but I quickly grew frustrated I could not sort the list by label. If you can, I didn’t find it easily. The default labels were a bit dark for my taste. Luckily, they make it very easy to change the colors.

Note linking is another great feature, taking cues from apps like Voodoo Pad. I am not sure why this feature needed a seperate window, and it wasn’t just incorporated into the Get Info window. Regardless, it works nicely, and certainly can be very helpful, and is a feature you won’t see on many other note apps.

Now to my least favorite feature, the DockNote. A great idea. In fact, I made an app that did something similar to this a while back. What is DockNote? Well, it’s a tabbed window that minimizes off the edge of you screen, and can be quickly accessed to add or retrieve info from SOHO Notes. The problems for me mainly stem from its lack of features. The tab can not be moved, except from the left to the right, and you cannot place it on the screen. For instance, if you would like your tab on the bottom of your screen on the left side, you’re S.O.L. Hopefully this will be addressed soon.

SOHO Organizer (the application)

An interesting offering as the title app of this suite. It seems to me to be little more than on steroids. Sure, it’s the Barry Bonds of Address Books, but it seems a little bloated for such (like the size of Barry’s head). Of course there is a calandar system built-in… or is there? No, it seems to just be using iCal. Which is ok, but it doesn’t really improve upon iCal at all, just adds some hooks to add events and schedule things. I am not saying this is a bad thing, but this whole app feels unnatural. It’s like it isn’t quite sure what it wants to be yet.

SOHO Print Essentials

A nice little app to create labels, cover letters, envelopes, and other related items. The interface seems easy enough, but it was not as simple as I had hoped. All-in-all, it is what it is, and it works just fine. Nothing special here. If you need to make labels and envelopes, check it out.


If you need a heavyweight Note application, and a way to organize your entire life in one suite, this is a pretty solid offering. At times it suffers from feature bloat, but they usually don’t get in the way. However, if you do not need all of these features, there are alternatives. For notes, I would suggest VoodooPad, and as far as contact go, I’ll stick to using AddressBook and iCal.


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