Make Phone Calls with Google Talk


I just posted about this service that allows you to make phone calls via Google Talk over on GigaOM

Splinter.NET has launched a new service1 that allows GTalk users to make calls to old fashioned phones and mobile networks from their client. In other words, the kind of functionality that already exists in Yahoo, MSN and AOL clients. The set-up for this service is pretty simple. Add user, and you get a tiny credit from the company, and you can fill up the account using PayPal, and then send a message – call 212.555.xxxx. The system calls back you PC and you are connected. This seems pretty simple, though not as good as click to call in say AOL or MSN.

Other options include Gtalk2VoIP, which had fallen off our radar up until a reader reminded us.

Do any of you actually use Voice-over-IM services? Is Skype still your favorite way to make quick calls?



I tried this out. It worked fairly well, perhaps a bit clunky. The address returned a default message in Google Talk and the langauge about the tiny credit and future charges using PayPal was confusing. I also kept getting a link to GTalk2VOIP, and I’m not sure if that came from Splinter or what.

It needs to work a lot cleaner if it’s going to be a competitor. I don’t rely on any services, but I’ve played with Skype and it’s still way ahead, especially considering the third party offerings.

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