How to boost productivity on your Mac


AppleGazette has come up with a list of ten applications that boost your productivity. With the exception of uber launcher program QuickSilver, we are not regular users of the programs listed on this list. Though we are not quite sure about Webnote Happy, a delicious bookmarking program, rest of them sound quite promising.

We had an open thread a few days back about time management, and the list recommends, On The Job, which seems rather simple app for time management and invoicing customers. (Of course there are others who swear by Freshbooks (disclosure: WWD sponsor) and other online programs.

We could add to this list programs like Yojimbo, Noteshare and Transmit, but that would be stating the obvious. Here is my list of ten favorite MacApps, but you can tell us if we missed any and if there are some applications that make your Mac life better.

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Well, here’s my 0.02 €:

– kGTD

I’m a convert. Sorry. Yeah, I know, it requires OmniOutliner Pro. But. Say what you will about the GTD meme, this is THE app, for the moment.

– OmniOutliner

Did I mention OmniOutliner? I live inside it. With me moving more and more into web-based apps (Google Reader, GMail, Writely), this could well be one of my last desktop mainstays. Incredible.

– Productivity is an attitude, a method, not an app

I know this busts the two previous list items. But the fact is, an app won’t make you more productive – YOU will. Speaking of which, I recommend Merlin Mann’s Work the Dash and Take the Break post. It sounds crazy, but I tried it, and it rocks! So, choose your poison… ;-)


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