Google(talks) to PSTN


Google Talk is making new friends with the PSTN networks. Splinter.NET has launched a new service that allows GTalk users to make calls to old fashioned phones and mobile networks from their client. In other words, the kind of functionality that already exists in Yahoo, MSN and AOL clients. The set-up for this service is pretty simple. Add user [email protected], and you get a tiny credit from the company, and you can fill up the account using PayPal, and then send a message – call 212.555.xxxx. The system calls back you PC and you are connected. This seems pretty simple, though not as good as click to call in say AOL or MSN.



Yeah I use gtalk2voip add they have been around longer makes we wonder if the posts here aren’t paid for and even gtalk2voip talks with windows live and any sip URI and vice versa


OK, the FCC requires e911 to all calls that hit the PSTN. Anyone else see a problem? How about CALEA?

Luis Villa

Om, is this via formal partnership with Google, or just someone taking advantage of Google’s use of open standards? If the second, I think this is a more major story than you appear to be giving it credit for- presumably Google chose jabber as the base technology behind google talk in order to benefit from network effects around open standards, and this is the first example of that I’ve seen (if it is in fact the case.)

Om Malik

I am sitting at a cafe so don’t want to try this but will do this shortly when I get to a closed environment and post the rates information etc.

Amit Chowdhry

It is sort of a drag that Splinter GTalk didn’t place an average cost rate on their website. It would have eased shopping for a low-cost VoIP service. But I suppose that so far I am happy with Skype :-)

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