Always practice safe computing


That’s the word from the BBC who put a “naked” or totally unprotected PC onto the Internet every night for a month to gauge how prevalent malicious attacks are for the unsuspecting.  The BBC computer was attacked every single night, one night in particular saw 53 malicious hits that would have crippled the computer. 

On the night it was attacked 53 times, it suffered one hijack attempt that could have handed control to a hacker; two port scans to see where its vulnerabilities lay; 11 “Blaster” worm attacks that could have made the PC unusable; and 2 “Slammer” worm attacks that would have crippled an unprotected machine.

The remaining 36 attacks were fake security announcements that, if clicked on, would have downloaded spyware.

(Pocket PC Lint via reader Melvin Buckpitt)


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