10 Things That Are Wrong With Telecoms

Are you suffering from Goobe fatigue? Because I am, and currently finding solace in one of the most meaningful and perhaps the most important writing that appeared on the web today. James Enck, a wise man in the ways of telecom (even if he works for a brokerage), recently attended the Telco 2.0 conference and came away with ten things that are wrong with the phone companies today.

Some of his findings have been vigorously discussed here, and this is just a perfect post. While you are at it, Digg It and also send it to your favorite telecom executive. No point spoiling perfection but here are some key takeaways that should prompt you to read the whole thing.

  1. Voice is becoming a feature, not a service
  2. Telcos don’t seem to realize that what they want to sell, and what consumers want are almost never in sync.
  3. Telcos can’t innovate
  4. Future is API, not control. (British Telecom gets it, if you remember my piece about them in Business 2.0.)
  5. Telcos thrive on scarcity – future value will be built around abundance

Rest is here.


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