Yahoo! Music subscription on the cheap

Yahoo_music_1Personally, I’m thrilled with Pandora’s free music streaming and the trial of Mercora for Smartphones is going well too (have you tried it yet?). I’m never one to pass up a good deal; or at the very least, pass it along. Gearlog mentions a way to get a Yahoo! Music subscription at half off, simply by using a MasterCard for the purchase. This nets you a two-year subscription for only $60, or the price for one full year. I didn’t realize that Yahoo’s offering in this space was only $5 a month, so I may give it a free look. Using a UMPC with 3G connectivity as a portable media player works great; if you have a portable device that supports Windows Media DRM and is on this list, you can also use Yahoo! Music content on it.

If you don’t have a MasterCard to take advantage of this deal, just hold tight. The jkOnTheRun branded cards should be here ANY day now. Although we’re joshin’ ya, sounds kinda cool for a mobile device purchase with "PDA Points" or something like that….


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