Windows Live OneCare Beta 1.5 supports Vista. Finally!


Onecarelivelogo_2Woe to all you Vista beta testers that never installed any anti-this and anti-that! A hex is cast up ye…up to now anyway. In the spirit of the upcoming Halloween holiday, Microsoft has lifted the OneCare curse upon Vista with the beta 1.5 version. I just received an e-mail invite for the Windows Live OneCare Beta (v1.5) and the good news is that Vista is supported.

You’ll need either XP or a Vista build greater than 5500 for the software to install and you’ll also have to reside in one of these countries because we all know that they’re the only ones to have viruses:

  • Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK, US.

I’m installing shortly, so more is likely to follow and I’ll be looking for any major differences aside from the ".5" in the version number.



I installed OneCare Beta under Vista build 5744. OneCare blew my Windows Live Desktop Email Beta out of the water – BSOD’ed every time I tried to run the email program. I uninstalled OneCare, and that fixed the BSOD, but the mail program stalls at the log on screen. I uninstalled then reinstalled the email program, but the stalling issue persists. I used system restore to a point prior to the OneCare installation, but still no joy in emailville. I think the issue may be grounded in my use of different live credentials for mail and OneCare.

Vista Build 5744, Motion Computing M1400VA, 2Gb RAM

Kevin C. Tofel

Dave, under the old version, Performance Plus used to have a line for “Antivirus Monitoring” and a line for “Antispyware: Windows Defender”. This version has a line under Performance Plus for “Virus and Spyware Monitoring”, so there appears to be some integration on the surface / presentation. I’ll have to dig some more.

Warner, I stopped using Blogjet some time ago. Bummer on the link issue….

Warner Crocker

Don’t know if you use Blogjet or not, Kevin, but I seem to have issues creating a link after installing the OneCare beta in Blogjet.

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