Win a Motion LS800 Tablet PC from GottaBeMobile!


Motion_ls800Holy guacamole! Not only have those GottaBeMobile boys open up their Tablet PC discussion forums, but they’re celebrating with a HUGE contest! Get this: the grand price is a Motion LS800 Tablet PC valued around $2,200! Now with a prize like that, you can’t just post a comment in the contest thread. No way, you’ve gotta work for this baby. Get your pens and pencils out (or your Tablet and digital pen) and start writing because the most creative essay between 800 and 1,000 words gets the prize. For all of the specifics on what the essay topic is, head on over to the contest announcement….and then start writing! Contest entries are due in by October 22nd.


Dennis Rice

Hey John — buy me a ticket to Norway and I’ll hide it in my luggage if you win! Love to visit Norway, and so would my wife. We have travelled all over the world, but Norway is one place we have yet to be!!!

Come hang out at GottaBeMobile anyway, we have lots of other contests we are gonna run!

John in Norway

It’s a pity it’s only open to Americans. I’ve been lusting after one of these for a long time but it’s just too expensive once you add on postage, import duties and taxes!
It’d probaly be cheaper to fly to America and buy one except that I don’t want to give up my soul just to be able to enter that wonderful country of yours.

Rob Bushway

We expect some great stuff from folks to win this!

Thanks for spreading the news on this contest. In our opinions, the LS800 is the ultimate device for going mobile and we and Motion are going to make someone extremely happy.

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