Boxwave Antiglare Screen Protector for UMPCs

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Eo_glareAlthough I’ve never been a fan of screen protectors, I could be in the minority. We previously reviewed the UMPC Screen Sheet for my Q1 and today, ctitanic shares his thoughts on Boxwave’s offering: the Antiglare Screen Protector for UMPCs. The Boxwave protector runs around $28 and while a write up is always useful, you really have to see how the screen protector affects the screen for the full perspective. I’ve shared the "before" picture here, but the "after" pic is the money shot. The write-up says this is a "must have", but the picture will likely convince you more.

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Thanks kevin!
Like I said, it’s a pain in the neck for me to install one of those, but it’s a really must have, it protects the screen, get rid of the glare and adds a new texture to the screen that makes it easier to write on it. Ah… and something that I forgot to mention in my review. No more fingertips in my display ;)

Kevin… I won a Samsung Q1 in Handango’s Application Contest and I sent you an email with two questions hoping to get your expert opinion on those. Did you receive it?

Thanks in advance

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