Geo-tagging is cool, but Geo-casting with GPS Ranger is cooler

GpsrangerSeems like everybody’s getting all "geo" these days. Once some introduces "geo-bathrooming" though, I’m outta here. Still, there’s something to be said for services that intelligently use your location to enhance an experience. Take the GPS Ranger that Bar Z Adventures is offering, for example. This rugged Windows CE handheld has integrated GPS and provides rich digital content about the area you’re currently exploring.

The GPS Ranger has a water-resistant 3.5-inch, outdoor-viewing LCD screen and can be programmed with tons of content. There’s 4GB of flash storage capacity for points of interest on your next big-game hunting trip or walk around your local park. A sister device, the Zoo Ranger, is geared for you peeps that find the nearby zoo to be as close to wildlife as you’d like to get. Interestingly enough, the devices can determine how much time was spent at a particular attraction, letting venue owners know if an exhibit is garnering eyeballs or just taking up space.

(via MSNBC)

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