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Businessbib- when you have to look your best for that video conference

BusinessbibWe all know that those who work at home sit around in their bathrobes all day at the computer, hair disheveled, unshowered, and generally looking awful.  Occasionally even work at home types have to go on camera for that important video conference and it’s important to project a professional appearance for the attendees.  What’s a slacker to do?  Why, put on the Businessbib, of course!  The Businessbib is a half suit that makes the wearer look professional from the chest up.  Think of it like a very lazy way to project that super image you have of yourself to your coworkers. Oh it will make you look buff like this guy, too. Yeah, right. 

(via TRFJ)

5 Responses to “Businessbib- when you have to look your best for that video conference”

  1. CleanGene17

    It’s VERY funny, but I cannot imagine anyone being foolish enough to actually purchase this. One little slip up like raising one’s hand to scratch one’s head and the gig is up!