Breathe, Chad, Breathe

A little bird is telling us this won’t be the last time we write about Google and YouTube today, but we may as well give you an update on where things stand.

Our poll Friday found 27 percent of voting readers think YouTube is going to Google, while twice that many had their minds on the weekend. Of course, the boss never sleeps; over the weekend Om took the time to register his skepticism about Google paying out for YouTube.

In addition to their reported “marathon negotiations over the weekend,” YouTube and Google were also working in parallel on the content licensing front, with announcements today that YouTube had signed the recalcitrant Universal, as well as Sony BMG and CBS, while Google had picked up Sony and Warner Music Group (with whom YouTube already has a deal). The deals mainly allow legal use of labels’ music and music video content.

We can only hope that a byproduct of all this overtime insanity is some funny stories about Chad Hurley answering his phone thinking Eric Schmidt was on the other line when really it was Universal’s Doug Morris, or vice versa. Even funnier if he had conferenced them all in.