Tether your Palm or Windows Mobile 3G phone with USB Modem

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I have extolled the virtues of PDANet for tethering Windows Mobile phones to laptops many times and I use the program every day to keep Flash fat and happy.  The program works well and I have no complaints with it at all.  I just found out from reader Noah Seidenberg about another program that does the same thing and he has nothing but good things to say about USB Modem.  There are two versions of the program, one for Palm devices and another for Windows Mobile that allow tethering via USB and Bluetooth.  Noah says he is seeing 700 kbps speeds through USB connections using the Palm version of the program with no problems.  Both versions are sold through Mobile Stream, the Palm version is $24.95 and the Windows Mobile version is $19.99.

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Noah Seidenberg

As a follow up, one of the main gripes with PDAnet over on treocentral.com is the fact that with PDAnet, everytime there is an update or a new phone, there is a sizeable upgrade fee. USBmodem supposedly does not have that issue.

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