S3, Online Storage & BingoDisk

Our previous post on using Amazon S3 storage service as a personal back-up option was quite popular. Though many pointed out that backing to that service wasn’t all that easy. Jeremy Zawodny has come up with a list of popular tools to help you with all that. Of the lot, the best one from ease of use standpoint seems to be JungleDisk.

Still, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle and are looking for simple solutions, AOL, Box.Net and quite a few other services offer upto 5 GB storage for free. There are some file size restrictions, but hey, they are free.

On the paid side of things, Joseph Scott finds that Dreamhost is actually a better deal than S3, especially if you are dealing in huge amounts of data. Not sure if they are as reliable as S3, so you might have to make that call.

I am currently using this new product offering from Joyent: Bingo Disk which gives you 100 GB of disk available via WebDAV for $199/year. No restrictions. I think it is something worth trying out. And if you do, use the code “gigaom” during the check-out process as Promo Code and you get $20 off the first year.


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