A million FTTH Subscribers in the US

If you take into account the fact that cable and DSL are dominant broadband options in the US, we were pleasantly surprised to find that there are a million FTTH subscribers in the US. What more there are six million homes which have access to this technology, and the numbers are increasing by 300,000 a month.

Given that Verizon FIOS has only 500,000 subscribers (more than a million homes passed) the deployments are by smaller players, and that makes make the news doubly interesting. (Thanks CZ)

Major FTTH providers, which include municipalities and utilities, real estate developers and operators as well as traditional and non-traditional service providers, are now at full speed in the deployments — with more FTTH providers coming on line.

These numbers compare poorly with Japan which has over 6.3 million fiber subscribers, but still the trends look good, and with Verizon making an aggressive push, we should expect a sharp uptick by this time around next year. (The growth data slide after the turn.)


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