Orb 2.0 beta now waiting for you to download


We’ve mentioned Orb so often on jkOnTheRun that you’d think we owned stock in the company or something but the fact is it is the best free way to sling media to your mobile device, no matter where you are.  I am happy to announce that the next major version is out in beta form and has added an intriguing new feature called MyCast.  When you install Orb 2.0 beta it will uninstall any previous version but will save your favorites.  MyCast sounds pretty cool, you can organize your own media into channels and share them easily with friends and family.  From the Orb web site:

Are you ready for media freedom? Freedom to:

  • Watch what you want,
  • Listen wherever you choose,
  • Enjoy whenever you like,
  • And experience without paying again and again
    Then you are ready to join the MyCast Revolution!

    In 2.0, Orb is introducing MyCast, putting all the media decisions in your hands.

    MyCast lets you:

  • Create your own channels from any and all of your media;
  • Enjoy those channels anywhere, anytime, on any device;
  • Share your channels with your friends.
  • Cool stuff.

    (Thanks to Raphael Salgado for the heads-up)

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