Google Click To Call Cancelled?


Not sure what to make of this, but Glenn tipped us off to this curious bit on information that got stuck in his RSS reader.

Google Click-to-Call project cancelled

After concientiously considering, Google has decided not to continue with Google Click-to-call project. The project has been in the media on last days because of the notice of Google agreement with e-Bay. We finally consider click-to-call agreement with e-Bay a monopolistic aproach that would dama…

Is this the much ballyhooed agreement with eBay over Skype? Damn, that didn’t take long? We have pinged the PR team at Google and eBay to find out what is going on. Also, never thought I would one day say – those RSS scrapers might actually have value. Still as Aswath reminds us, the spelling errors in the post makes one wonder about the authenticity of the post. Hopefully the Google/eBay spokespersons would help clear the air.

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