Vista build 5744 available. Let the downloads begin.


Vista_rc2I’m not set up to download it at the moment as I’m out and about using my EV-DO connection. For you other masochists lucky folks that are beta testing Microsoft Windows Vista, the last expected interim build is now available. First thing I’m looking for: is Windows Mobile Device Center included and testable? If the overall build looks good, I’ll give this build a try on Sammy, the Samsung Q1 UMPC as well.

Given the deadlines Microsoft has set, this is the last, best chance to see how Vista will function before the final build (or two…or three….).



If I upgrade from RC1 to RC2, can I use my same key?




upgraded my X41 from RC1+ to RC2 without a hitch

tried to upgrade my RC1 (that did not want to go to RC1+ before) with same result.

Tried a clean install – and it broke down. Removed my Hauppage MCE500 card – installed without a hitch. Reinstalled the MCE500 card and now things are working perfectly :-)

They forgot to update the license file – still says RC1 :-)


Well it works on the Sony u750p – apart from some of the drivers like the buttons and the touchscreen calibration


With my Verizon Blackberry 7130e EV-DO my downloads mysteriously stop at 50MB.

With my Cingular Samsung ZX20 on a HSDPA Tethered Laptop Plan I’ve managed up to 133MB in one transfer so far (not that I’m going to test them by downloading RC2…)

Kevin C. Tofel

I don’t know Josh, sometimes I think rebuilding a Tablet is more fun than actually using one. That way I know it’s “juuuuust right”.

Bobby, now that I’m home, I’m pulling the .ISO right now. Based on the transfer speed, I should have a review of RC2 up by March, 2007.

Josh Einstein

Ya know… I think I’m good for now. RC1 is treating me just fine and I don’t really feel like reinstalling everything again. I think I’m good till RTM. Anybody else?

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