Apple Tablet or UMPC: a compelling argument

AppletabletmockI have to apologize; we’re already through the first few days of October and we haven’t shared the latest Apple Tablet PC rumors. I’m sorry; we’ll just have to try harder. ;) T3 is the latest group to throw their thoughts in the ring, and to be honest, there’s a compelling story here. It’s no secret that Apple has patents for touchscreen controls and keyboards, but clearly that’s not enough to make for a great device (and I don’t think Apple will enter this space without a stellar device). Cupertino has seen what Intel and Microsoft developed with the Origami devices and first to market doesn’t always mean you’ve got the best product.

Apple can learn from some of the shortcomings of the current UMPC devices and by waiting, they can take advantage of new technologies like flash-based SSD drives for faster performance and better battery life. Apple could go full-bore into the large Tablet or UMPC space simply by using their core competencies of design, function and fashion combined with using new tech to combat current issues. This argument sounds pretty promising to me. I’d be happy to sign an NDA and test one as a current UMPC / Tablet owner….Apple?


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