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Speculative Report: Google In Talks With YouTube; Google Beds New Projects

So says a WSJ report, building on an earlier rumor on TechCrunch: Google is in talks to acquire YouTube for roughly $1.6 billion it says, citing sources, though for now it is just talks and may not go through. We will have more as and when this further develops….
Google’s own video efforts have not gone very far, especially the ones on the user generated media sharing side… on the professional mainstream content, it has tied up with a bunch of content providers but even that is not in say the iTunes league.
In a slightly related report (which would apparently seem to indicate that Google’s thinking is going counter to this kind of acquisition), the search giant had begun telling engineers to stop launching so many new services and instead focus on making existing ones work together better. The shift is a major departure from Google’s previous strategy of launching new services rapid-fire and highlights the 8-year-old company’s struggle to stay focused during swift growth, the LAT story says.
After launching a new initiative this summer, called “Features, not products”, Google has canceled several services in development and instructed their creators to instead make them features in other products.
Forbes: Google CEO Schmidt said that more than 1,000 people will ultimately work on its efforts in radio contextual advertising. The initiative to put ads in newspapers, ongoing since January, now has almost 100 newspapers, Schmidt said. TV advertising, he added, is still a long way off, but is planned.