One foot, two foot, laptop cool foot


Cool_feet_2If a laptop fries your legs,
just use it to cook some eggs.

If you want to reduce the heat,
why not grab a set of these feet?

Two are short and two are long,
for only 10 pounds you can’t go wrong.


Sorry, it’s not often I can get all Dr. Seuss in a tech post. If you really want to impress me, get those rhyming comments in.


Anton P. Nym

There once was a laptop from Apple
Which could become too hot to grapple.
So folks made some feet
To take off the heat
From those who were scorching their lapbelts.

— Steve


My lap was hot, but now it’s not. I’ve used these feet, they’re really neat.


You could use them on a train.
You could use them on a plane.
You could use them in a house.
You could use them with a mouse.
You could use them here or there.
You could use them anywhere!

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