Writing With the Web

Last week I read an interesting post by New York venture capitalist Fred Wilson. He was describing his experience with various writing tools he’d grown up using, including early struggles with handwriting and his eventually mastery of word processing software like the venerable old WordPerfect and the current standard in business documents, Microsoft Word.

Now he’s a big fan of Writely, and rather than complaining about the lack of features relative to Word, he actually prefers its lack of what many (including myself) feel is the feature bloat endemic to Microsoft Office applications.

Personally, having been hand-coding HTML and the like for over a decade, I’m rather partial to plain-vanilla text editors, and my online archiving and publishing is accomplished through tools like GMail and, of course, blogs. When I deliver documents to clients, I do everything I can to avoid .doc files, preferring PDFs and using Illustrator if I’m doing any page layout more complicated than, say, a memo.

I haven’t really had a chance to sit down with Writely, but I’ve heard good things about it. Anyone out there have a preferred tool for writing online? How about an online archive service for digital documents, something that can preferrably allow for items to be set as public so that a link can be emailed instead of an attachment?


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