Why are all the cool toys overseas?

Asia_cellSo why exactly is the Sony UX series really not touted in here in the U.S.? Why can’t we get the latest cellphone that folks in Asia are using to watch DTV? What about the latest and greatest light laptop; do I need to fly to Japan to get it?

We’ve talked about the reasons before: different usage scenarios, standards and even culture play into it. I came across this article which does a nice job of summarizing these reasons and more; there are several quotes from the good folks at Dynamism, Kurns & Patrick and i-Cube as well. Worth the read for these plus some interesting news on potential patent changes that could open up the doors for more great technology to come across the seas. Great timing too: I was just about to ask James if I could move and start up the jkOnTheRun Japanese HQ.


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