Springsteen’s Sound Engineer: a Tablet PC makes the Boss sound great

John_cooper_1You’ll have to get the September print edition of Popular Mechanics for the whole story, but this teaser got my attention. John Cooper, the Sound Engineer for Bruce Springsteen’s latest tour, is featured with all the electronics wizardry that makes the Boss sound as good as possible. The item at the top of the list: a Tablet PC! Here’s why:

"[it is] Essentially a wireless remote for the entire system, this PC allows Cooper to walk the floor and hear the show in real time–and make adjustments accordingly."

Sweet! I guess this really makes Cooper the "Boss" now doesn’t it? I can’t tell which Tablet PC he uses or what software he might be running, but I think I’ll pick up the print issue to find out. If anybody here reads Popular Mechanics and can shed some sound light on this, let us know!


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