Maximum R2H RAM equals much improved peformance


Asus_r2h_4Although my Q1 feels much snappier since I maxed out the RAM at 1 GB, I haven’t done any formal testing. In my defense, swapping the RAM in and out of Sammy causes issues with the Windows XP Embedded partition. Lucky for us, there are great folks like Stefan that are willing to take one for the UMPC team. If you recall, Stefan told us that the new Asus R2H can actually use a 1 GB RAM module in addition to the 256 MB of on-board RAM. His latest update over on the Origami Project forums provides some basic, but useful test results when running the R2H with a 512 MB of RAM and 1.2 GB of RAM. With just a few tests, it’s clear that apps are loading anywhere from 20% to 100% faster.

While we’d all expect the performance to increase, it’s important to note by how much it actually increases. Also bear in mind that many UMPC naysayers cite the lack of performance to be an issue in the device, so Stefan’s testing shows that the devices might not be as "crippled" as some would say. Great job Stefan; looking forward to addition testing results!

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