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At the end of last year, I wrote an article for Red Herring about the emerging vibe in Silicon Valley, telling the story through various young entrepreneurs who had recently moved to the area to plug their startups into its ecosystem. The phenomenon seems to have only intensified since then, as an article from the Wall Street Journal points out today, using some of the very same people and details. (Very sorry, registration required for both sites.)


jonathan frate

“…using some of the very same people and details”

haha… imitation== best form of flattery!


This article exactly echoes my sentiments..I live in Raleigh, NC. Although there a lot of tech companies in Research Triangle Park (RTP), the situation is pretty much the same as described in the article. Its very difficult to meet like-minded people who are into entrepreneurship out here. Things move quite slowly in this part of the world. I’ve interned out of Santa Cruz for 8 months — and having stayed in the valley, I’ve witnessed the difference first hand..Its not just that more resources (people, VC money etc..) are easily available, I would attribute moreso to the culture.There is a definitive mind set to people in the valley which is missing else where. Obviously, as more startups move to the valley, this talent pool / mindset just keeps multiplying.

Come next year, I myself will be moving to the valley — in hopes of teaming with like minded people to venture into entrepreneurship.

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