Google Got Ping


Blog based ping services are the new black it seems. Google has just announced a new blog ping service joining an already very crowded space.

Today we’re launching the Google Blog Search Pinging Service, which is a way for individual bloggers and blog platform providers to inform us of content changes. Blogging providers who syndicate RSS/Atom/XML and want to be included in our Blog Search index can now ping us directly. We’ll continue to monitor other pinging services and will contribute change notifications to the community.

Yahoo had entered the space when they bought Verisign had acquired pinging service from Dave “The Blogfather” Winer. Automattic owns Ping-o-matic. Anyway the answer to why Yahoo and now Google want a piece of the ping, I channel an old post by my good friend, David Galbraith.

Currently, ‘pings’ to sites like or ping-o-matic or say that SOMETHING has been updated on a weblog or news site. Specs such as RSSPing change this to a ping that says WHAT has been updated. If all pages being published on the web did this (and there is no technical reason why they couldn’t), then search engines would not need to crawl websites and search engines would be updated instantly. Search engines are measured on how much, how relevant and how fresh. Pings are the answer to the fresh bit.



Just a correction, Automattic doesn’t own Ping-o-Matic, they’re separate entities.


google’s constructing a big barrier to entry in the blog indexing space. after all, with many bloggers already pinging google’s indexing service, how do you keep your own index up to date?
be on the lookout for an emerging open protocol called the Link Subscription Architecture that should offer an interesting alternative to rss.

Hans Gerwitz

If Google can apply their spam filtering prowess to this and republish an update stream with a higher SNR, I’ll be their bestest friend.


Oooops! my bad .. i misread that. Its Dave Winer! not Dave .. The blogfather winner

sorry for inaccurate nagging!

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