For sale: Fujitsu Sylistic ST5020D Slate


St5020dGot a note from one of our jkOTR readers about an extra Slate Tablet PC he has. Gee, Mike, I wish we all had that problem! ;) Seriously, Mike’s wife bought him a Fujitsu Stylistic ST5020D for their anniversary, but it turns out, he’s going to stick with the slate and Q1 that he currently has. [Mike: she’s a keeper, so I hope your gift to her was stellar!]

Mike is eBaying the brand new Tablet PC and it includes a 3 year warranty that expires in October of 2009. The PC is still in the unopened box, which would never be the case in my house. All of the specs and details are in the eBay listing and you can snatch this slate with warranty right now for $945! For anyone looking to grab a slate at a decent price, this might be the deal for you. Look at it this way: you’re helping Mike’s marriage while getting a new Tablet PC. What could be better?



I ended up grabbing up that new fujitsu tablet this post mentions, Im still not sure if I want to keep it I just saw it as a sweet deal and quickly jumped on it. I really want to get one of the asus R2H umpcs when they’re available since I really like the gps and I want a unit thats nicely car mountable/touchscreen. If your interested let me know how much you’d like to buy it for and we maybe could setup a deal. I have an ebay account we could transact through with good rating so we would have good security on both ends.

here is the posting
here is some info on the 5000 series from fujitsus site:
also a quick review:

If I dont decide to keep it I’d want to sell this sooner than later so get in touch with me quick, if I decide to sell it I certainly wouldnt open the box up -Ben-


I picked a bad time not to be able to remember my eBay account that I haven’t used in years…I live in the Philly area so this could actually be doable for me. :)

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