D-Link’s V-CLICK cellular & WiFi phone


Dlink_vclickJust so you don’t think I was kidding about the cellular and WiFi convergence, D-Link introduced their V-CLICK product that does just that. The V-CLICK is a tri-band (900/1800/1900 Mhz) GSM phone that can switch from cellular networks to WiFi networks for SIP-based VoIP calls. The phone will be available unlocked so that customers can insert a SIM card for usage on their supported network. The two-inch display at 176 x 220 pixels can be used for Internet browsing and e-mail, although there isn’t much information on the interface and underlying OS (I’m betting it’s Linux). According to D-Link, it looks like the service will be a pre-pay type of service at the get go.

(via Mobility Site)

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