ActiveWords InkPad 2.0 beta- good for UMPCs too


ActiveWords has released the InkPad 2.0 beta for the Tablet PC and UMPC.  The new InkPad has special features to make it easy to invoke on touchscreen Tablets like UMPCs.  Here’s a list of new features in the 2.0 beta:

  1. The new interface implements a floating InkPad icon that can now be dragged to any edge of the display where it is docked as a pop-out tab. You can drag the tab from the edge to the display surface where it changes back into the floating InkPad icon.
  2. The type and position (tab or floating icon) is remembered between changes in screen orientation. For example, you can use the docked tab in landscape orientation and the floating icon in portrait orientation, and the position of each is remembered for each orientation.
  3. The InkPad is now designed for finger tip use on a UMPC. When you begin to enter your ActiveWord a "Go" button appears on the InkPad surface to trigger the ActiveWord entered. You can also simply move your stylus or finger away from the InkPad surface to trigger your ActiveWord.
  4. A control is included to prevent movement of the mouse cursor from popping up the InkPad. This should be helpful as you switch between "stylus" and "keyboard/mouse" entry.
  5. Recognition of inked ActiveWords is now even faster, making ActiveWords InkPad more spontaneous and delivering instantaneous response.
  6. Compatibility with Windows Vista operating system.

There is a nice video demo of the new InkPad in action on a UMPC.  Sweet!

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