Yoga concept Tablet PC: downward dog computing?



Looks like Lenovo took the sleek and sexy Motorola RAZR concept and mashed up with with usability of a Tablet PC with the Yogo concept. Thin and light is definitely in and if you look at how thick the device is compared to the visible VGA-out and USB ports, you’ll see there isn’t much to the Yoga design. The screen is attached by leather hinges and can be opened a full 180-degrees, making this idea good for eBook reading as well as digital note-taking. The keyboard detaches completely, so I’d assume some kind of Bluetooth (or should I say Wibree) wireless connectivity. The thinness of such a concept could conicide nicely with Intel’s announcements of smaller, more energy efficient chips at IDF, so the design might not be that far fetched.

In any case, Yoga is too difficult for me to do, so I’m going to hit the jump rope while I wait and see if this concept ever takes root. Meantime, I’m kicking around ideas to pitch for other Tablet PC OEMs. I’m thinking of the HP Pilates PC and the Toshiba Tai Chi Tablet. Got any others?


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